Learn how the pickles made by two homemakersevolved into India’s leading online store for food products.

Sitara Foods offers rare food products which can become a significant part of your new bucket list, all made from 100% natural, chemical-free ingredients, that make the older generation nostalgic and younger generation surprised.

Remember that customary beats the contemporary!  Even when you dine in a spectacular skyline facing environment with an enthralling view, gorgeous interiors and an elegant dining air with a conceptualized menu, the index finger licking pickle at the corner of your plate which your grandmother made cannot be equaled.  You definitely tend to get a fall in love feeling!

It is an undeniable fact that we all have benefited the most from the culinary interests of our grandmother’s.  Their kitchen stories are endless as they spent most of their time learning the peculiar art of cooking.  They are the right kind of inspiration to learn anything especially in cuisine.   And moreover history, culture, heritage and tradition do not stop with gathering information and documentation.  This only helps to discover them but the true happiness lies in implementing it in real life.

Having analyzed this fact thoroughly, the two well educated home makers just made a virtuous choice of learning this art from their grandmother’s and carrying it forward more like a tradition than a business through the establishment of an online store  Even if the prospect of humans reaching mars excites us the most fascinating art of life is food.  Hence, their aim was to make any food product in such a way that every bite of it will be a feast to the diner’s taste buds.  

The focus was not only on the taste of the food products but also to ensuresourcing of ingredients from local farmers at the best market price, employing nearby rural women who added an extra zing to the food prepared with their special love and care.  And also followingtraditional methods like stone grinding chili powder & turmeric powder, milling their own oil and avoiding pointless use of machinery in the food products; making their manufacturing process stand out of the crowd in spite of not compromising on the quality and taste with maximum customer support.  

Growing up in a society, where the convention of devouring pickles in three meals to make the kick of spices dance with your feelings is inevitable, you can regale every meal with a bliss on your senses and  “Food Magic.  Made Real.’ - is our maxim says SreekanthBolla, CEO of Sitara Foods.  

Curated from granny’s recipes with world-wide market

Sitara Foods provides 100% natural, home-made, hand-made, preservative free, additive free food products that ensure a native, traditional and authentic taste.  It’s best selling products include chicken pickle (non-vegetarian pickle category), mango pickle (the famous Andhra avakaiwith a punch of Andhra style in it), and pootharekulu (the Andhra famous paper sweet) as they have all been taken directly from the cook-books of a couple of grannies like their other products.  

They have separate facilities for the making of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickle products for those who are concerned regarding the purity of making process. They also have pickles without garlic to cater to the needs of those who wish Jain food or vegan food & other customerswho donot prefer garlic in their food intake. 
“Satisfying every soul which craves to eat homely food is our maxim,” he adds.

Using business-to-consumer distribution Sitara Foods has built an online store which uses sophisticated technologies with utmost safe and secure payment methods ensured.  They havesales in over 106 countries accepting all 106 currencies making prompt shipping by establishing partnership with DHL and FedEx.  

Love and care are not only mixed with the ingredients they use but also in the way they deliver goods to their customers with a special “Thank-you note”.  So many of them were surprised when receiving their products as they were extra ordinary in taste, packaging, look& feel with the touch of nativity and the humane aspect of thanking a customer for having purchased from them.  

Staunch consumers requests fulfilled

Their brand has satisfied the major needs of consumers growing a staunch community who became nostalgic with their childhood memories tasting their pickles and started asking why not you try to share and supply us with a few other childhood memories like elandhavadai (regivadiyalu), kamarkat candy, vadiyalus&fryums, exotic and rare fruits and flowers including organics like pure A2 bilona ghee, millet laddus and also instant karam podi’s & masalas.  They just gave it a thought and also implanted the same and now flying high in the international market for supply of traditional, native, authentic varieties of food. 

    With multiple reasons like 

•    nuclear families gearing up, 

•    bachelors being forced to stay leaving their homes for career purposes, 

•    changing speed of lifestyles and consumption patterns by NRI consumers, 

•    pregnant woman craving for a tangy taste to ease morning sickness or nausea and at the same time with a safe food,

There arises the need for all these food products including varied pickles – a conventional way to get around such road blocks easily.Sitara Foods made their selvesgive a solution to all of them at a one-stop-online-shop where products are delivered at your doorstep with just one click. 
Sreekanth Bolla proudly says “If you can see the one company which has helped the Indians abroad to keep their taste buds alive with the traditional food then that is Sitara”.

They have in fact won the hearts and minds of most of the NRI's across the globe making sure their products can reach any part of the world at ease by also giving them a blazing, transforming and aflame experience using their website to order food products essential in every family shopping list.  The founder is willing to grow big as the Cadbury of Traditional Indian Food Products and Haldirams of South India. 

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