Live Online Games to Consider Playing With Your Friends

If you have fascinated yourself playing live casino games online, then 10CRIC can help make your fantasy into a reality. 10CRIC is an online casino portal that comes with a barrage of casino games for you to place bets on. 

The portal provides some of the sweetest bonuses and promotional offers; you will ever see. Indian gamblers will be delighted to know that they can play these games through their desktop, android smartphones, and laptop. 

How to join 10CRIC?

You can join for free as registration is free. There is no need for you to have membership fees. Some of the most popular casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette are available for play. 

If you like to deal with real people, then make use of the live dealer games. You can play your favorite games live with a real dealer, who is usually a woman. They are professional and very friendly. 

They add life into your online casino games, giving you the feeling as if you are seated in reality based scenario, sipping a glass of Jack Daniels. 10CRIC goes to the lengths to ensure that their members have a fun-filled experience at their live casino

Advantages of playing at online casinos

India's casino destination is Goa and Bangalore. However, you can do it right from the comfort of your home or office. The need to travel all the way to Goa is not required. Not to mention, you can wear what you want when playing online casino games or placing bets. 

It is safe and quick. You do not have to roam around anywhere dangerously carrying piles of notes. Just like you do in casinos, you can log in to the games on 10CRIC and choose the one that you prefer playing. 

Once you have registered and become a member of the portal, you can log in and start wagering your stakes. Of course, you can place your bets using INR currency. The need to convert the currency into INR is not required. 

It is tedious and can be stressful at times when you receive lesser amounts due to tax and other forms of reductions. If you are comfortable using bitcoins, then you can do the same with 10CRIC.

Payment modes on 10CRIC

10CRIC makes use of some of the safest and reliable banking methods in the world. Among them is Skrill, which is considered as of the best along with PayPal. You can use your debit or credit cards for making deposits. 

Apart from that, you can make quick withdrawals without delay. Neteller, which has been around 1999, is also a safe method to make deposits and withdrawals. Bank transfers are always there but take 2-3 days, at least for transactions. 

You can play using real money. 

When playing on 10CRIC, you can play using real money. For example, if you plan on placing bets on the game of roulette, then you can choose the right pattern for your style. This enables you to win. 

The portal has made it user-friendly by having live streaming and video roulette that gives gamblers a realistic feel and touch to the games. 

Both live and video roulette are ideal for playing because they come with what you expect. There is the trademark wheel, a number board. In the live game, you have a live dealer. As a player, you place your chips, choose your numbers, and then wait for the spinning wheel. 

Do you want to wager amounts on cricket?

Cricket lovers would be a happy lot knowing that they can wager on the game. If you want to place live casino bets on the game of cricket, then you will be glad to see that you 10CRIC can help you out. 

As you know, IPL and BBL are two big leagues that have almost 2 months of play. IPL or Indian Premier League and Big Bash League that occurs in Australia are popular among punters and Asian gamblers. 

Many games can change during these 2 months. Bets or wagering amounts can be placed on popular teams as well as on individual players. It is just that you need to monitor the progress of the teams, as well as the players who are in top-notch. 

This way, your chances of winnings increase. Not to mention, 10CRIC also provides gamblers the ability to place on the spot bets. That means you can place stakes are you are very sure about the result that may occur. 

As you know, both these are T20 tournaments. In a T20 game, anything can happen. 

Why do you want to miss all the fun and action?

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